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About Graintrack

Grain Track is a web-based CTRM system for commodity trading companies to manage:

contracts, operations, risks, invoices, vessels and documents.

We resolve three painful problems commonly suffered by commodity traders :

  • Lack of complete picture of finance and trade situation at the moment: lots of contracts, shipments, invoices and documents at the same time.
  • Difficult and untimely forecasting of cash flow, trade position and profit and loss
  • Financial and timing costs on communication, discussions, meetings and accounting by managers and employees

GrainTrack allows to:

  • Manage your trade position, forecast operational P&L, control cash flow and get know about AP&AR for cargo and costs, extended trade statistics, Balance & P\L, Analytics and BI
  • Receive instant notifications on every major event in business, never miss a deadlines by contracts, save significant time on reporting
  • Create any paper document in 2 clicks, track vessel positions, retrieve latest derivatives quotations

How does it work?

  1. Employees continue doing the same as usual: enter data manually or from Excel.
  2. Commotrack validates everything, pulls data in addition (market and FX quotations, vessels positions), and some magic happens
  3. Then turns data into information, making it meaningful and consistent to be accessible from any device anywhere in the world

Who can use Graintrack?

Different departments of company that can work with the system
Sales and purchases
Sales and purchases
Management of every step of supply chain. Physical and derivatives trade position. Automated creation of business confirmation. Email integration
Shipments, fleet and warehousing management. Contracts execution tracking. Flexible notifications on deadlines. Vessels position
Instant reports and insights. Saved time of employees and KPI's. Powerful analytics and BI.
Management of all costs and gains by contracts. Account payables and receivables with ageing. Cash flow management and P&L forecast.

Video review
What is GrainTrack and how to use it?
  • CRM. Counterparties database, relations with suppliers/buyers, compliance, newsletters and notifications
  • Contracts. Deals planning and validation. Supply chain management. Final result
  • Operations: Shipments, ocean and land logistics, freight and rates management
  • Finance. Invoices and payments, costs and gains, credit risk and limits
  • Reports: Trade position, P&L, Cash flow, Costs and Gains, Payables & Receivables, Balance, and other reports


Currently, the results of five years of cooperation with the Ukrainian team of GrainTrack bring significant benefits to our team. We have managed to automate the vast majority of our processes, and get a convenient and flexible tool to support our barter programs. Nowadays, it’s much easier to keep operational records of trade transactions in agricultural products and business processes specific to barter programs of the Financial Solutions Department, including: most processes for barter support are automated; created a convenient and flexible system for transactions management, from the request to confirm the agreement to the generation of invoices; implemented a full system of approvals of planned agreements: we have the ability to adjust different levels of approvals depending on the amount of th...
Borchevsky Victor, Business Development Manager, Syngenta

MAXGRAIN LTD company has been using GrainTrack for two years, and today it is our main program for accounting in the company. It is very convenient to keep records due to the wide range of functional capabilities. Accounting can be done in the context of contracts, counterparties, invoices and so on. Here GrainTrack makes our work much easier. A big advantage is also the option of exporting contracts, letters and invoices from the system. It’s quick and easy to do. We like the flexibility of the system. We always get feedback from the GrainTrack support team quickly, whether we need any clarifications on the functionality or need to add new options to the system. The program has allowed us to significantly optimize our work and speed up the company’s operations
Maxgrain LTD

«We have been cooperating with GrainTrack for a year now. Time passes very quickly, but we have achieved a lot during this period and now I can say for sure that we have received much more than we planned before start working together.» At the start, we clearly set priorities and immediately started working. The GrainTrack team supported us all the time. We were constantly in touch, they gave us as much time as we needed, almost 24/7. They tried to help us in everything and take into account all our requirements in a timely manner. A lot of trainings and common meetings were held. At our request, many features were made fairly quickly. In general, I would like to note that the team approached very professionally. During this time, together we have brought all our processes almost to perfection. And then th...
Olena Humeniuk, FEA Manager LNZ Group

We have been using the GrainTrack CTRM system for the past two years. This system allowed us to: significantly increase the efficiency of managing internal business processes; structure huge amount of information that is related to the activities of our company; make it possible to manage the components of the transaction - preparation and conclusion of an agreement, logistics, financial operations, etc.; make it possible to analyze the transaction at the final stage.

We have been using the GrainTrack system for a year now. Previously, used the usual Exel for accounting. The new program has opened up new opportunities by simplifying and structured the work of reporting at the enterprise and tracking the flow of commodities. Thanks to GrainTrack, we were able to bring all the information on goods turnover, trade, structured and simplified work with information regarding shipping, payment into one database. This saves a lot of time in work. If earlier we had three or four tables relating to different areas of work - logistics, trading, payments, now it is in one place. You can at any time just see what happens with a particular contract. The product is definitely worth using in your work.

We have been with Grain Track for over a year. Previously, operations, financial accounting, logistics were managed in Exel. Keeping cumbersome port registers, handling large amounts of information, accounting and making payments with our small but dedicated team took a lot of time and effort. The human factor did not rule out the possibility of errors in the work. Grain Track made it easier to keep track of grain in our company and allowed us to optimize time and spend it on more important agro business development tasks.

We have been working with Grain Track for over six months. The use of the product helped optimize working hours and streamlined the process of export contracts

We have been using GrainTrack since January 2018, from the very first days of trading opening at ALFA Smart Agro. The GrainTrack support team has tailored the system to our individual needs and always helps in understanding any issues you may encounter. The system serves as a unique basis for storing information about each operation. If our employee needs to find any information, it is very convenient and easy to do.
Andriy Ryzhenko, head of trade department of ALFA SMART AGRO

We have large-scale and aggressive development goals, we see ourselves as an international trader, developing in the direction of new trading instruments that give some flexibility in commodity trading. With GrainTrack it is possible
Ivan Cherevko, CEO Cardiff Trading

The program allows to quickly process the data due to automatic systematization and to have the information in front of the people who make the decisions - literally "online" - for the moment. I recommend it ror operational management!
Elena Galichenko, purchase manager “VVT Group”

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