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What do you know about Suprematism?

“What do you know about Suprematism?

Suprematism (from Latin supremus – highest) is an avant-garde art movement, non-objectivity, abstract geometricism, which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. Kazimir Malevich is considered its founder. The direction emerged from Cubism and Futurism, finding application in urbanism, posters, and graphics.

In Ukraine, Suprematism was promoted by the “New Generation” (Vasyl Yermilov and others). In Galicia, it was reflected in some works of Pavlo Kovzhun (ex-libris of Sviatoslav Hordynskyi).

According to Malevich, Suprematism is the ultimate break of painting with the depiction of the real world. In the artist’s opinion, all efforts should be focused on color, form, texture, and movement. “When the habit of seeing corners of nature, madonnas, and shameless Venuses in paintings disappears, then only will we see a purely pictorial creation,” the artist wrote in one of his manifestos. The “Black Square” was a symbol of the end of the old object-natural and the first step towards a new art. “The painted plane,” wrote the artist about his painting, “is the most elementary form of expressing pure color, freed from the pressure of objects.” Malevich welcomed the Bolshevik revolution, like most modernists, hoping that the great social experiment would lead to the renewal of art on a worldwide scale. The artist presented the program of Suprematism and formalized it in the book “The World without Objects” (in German, 1928).

Malevich’s Suprematism developed through several stages. At first, the artist created in the style of Suprematist painting, portraiture. This includes paintings of rural life, a series of works dedicated to the Holodomor of 1932-33, and so on.

Now you will also know that Ukrainian identity in the new Graintrack logo will be true Ukrainian identity!

We wanted to combine in our logo the idea of the “ear of grain” from the previous version, Ukrainian identity, and the progressiveness of the IT company.

So we have a reimagined ear of grain with a backslash in colors that will always be trendy – yellow, blue, and orange!