Borchevsky Victor, Business Development Manager, Syngenta

Currently, the results of five years of cooperation with the Ukrainian team of GrainTrack bring significant benefits to our team. We have managed to automate the vast majority of our processes, and get a convenient and flexible tool to support our barter programs.
Nowadays, it’s much easier to keep operational records of trade transactions in agricultural products and business processes specific to barter programs of the Financial Solutions Department, including:

  • most processes for barter support are automated; created a convenient and flexible system for transactions management, from the request to confirm the agreement to the generation of invoices;
  • implemented a full system of approvals of planned agreements: we have the ability to adjust different levels of approvals depending on the amount of the agreement, commodity or incoterms;
  • created and maintained loyalty programs for our suppliers and accounting for their costs;
  • processes specific to Syngenta’s barter programs have also been implemented – reassignments and offsets between suppliers, distributors and Syngenta (direct, indirect, partial or complete);
  • we have automatic formation of invoices for logistics, consignments, or contract;
  • we have convenient tools for working with transport registers;
  • we have a flexible notification system for participants in business processes, it is possible to configure notifications for any events in the system;
  • use the system as a file storage – uploading files to the system simplifies the search for documents, especially in remote work;
  • we actively use templates for different types of transactions, including the ability to customize the template for each individual counterparty – it saves a lot of time when creating printed forms of documents;
  • Customized reports on the results of individual programs have been developed for different Syngenta divisions, which helps to prepare reports to guide various aspects of barter programs.