erp for grain traders

Can GrainTrack become even more customisable?

GrainTrack is a leading CTRM provider in CIS, and continue to grow and develop every day.

And every week we deliver new releases of the product, due to our CI/CD process. New reports, new customisations, new features, new integrations – all of these become available for clients four times a month.

However, we speak about them not every week – that is our weak side we wish to fight.

We took customisation on the next level

GrainTrack’s customers were able to make a lot of changes in the system completely independent from us.

Before the current release, list of customisation options looked like the following:

  • change theme
  • customize dashboard
  • customize windows for entering data
  • customize tables with data (reorder and rename columns)
  • customize notifications
  • customize default filtering and ordering options
  • customize default values of new objects
  • set up VAT and taxes rates
  • manage commodities, quality, finance accounts, and all the master data
  • customize templates
  • customize emails
  • set up visibility of every interface

All of these options were available to be amended without our development team. And  when we put our development guys into equation – each client received full customisation in a nutshell.

But it is never enough. Alright, we can deal with this.

All our clients are different: some from Canada, some from Ukraine, some can read the last line in the ophthalmologist’s cabinet, and some can’t.

We solved this problem in an elegant way:

Users now can pick a custom font from variety of fonts in the system, so that each person can choose the one that suits him personally and for his screen size.


erp for grain traders



You may ask: why do this variety matters?

I’ll show you.

Just look at how big is the difference in feeling of big amount of data, since the only difference in an interface is font:

Option #1

crm for grain traders

Option #2

crm for grain traders

Option #3

erp for grain traders

Surely, I will not tell you which one is better, simply because, the “better” is a very personal opinion – that’s how you feel it.

Luckily now you can choose by yourself.

As a bonus, we also added something, that a user with any state of vision can notice:

A custom client logo, so that he can see his company name while entering contracts and invoices.



erp for grain traders


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