Case study – LNZ Group

Company profile:

LNZ Group — Ukrainian vertically integrated agro-industrial holding, specializing in trade in seeds and plant protection products, growing cereals and industrial crops, livestock and grain trading. Formed on the basis of Lebedyn Seed Plant. The company develops agricultural production, seed production and distribution. It cultivates 83 thousand hectares of land and has more than 3 thousand employees per season.


The LNZ Group includes 47 agricultural firms, as well as a specialized plant for the production of corn, a multifunctional plant for the production of wheat, barley, peas, soybeans, sunflower, flax, spelled, 2 elevators in Cherkasy and Sumy regions, 5 logistics centers and its own logistics center.


Agroholding LNZ is a long-term partner in providing services for growing seeds of different crops for the world’s leading breeding companies: Bayer (DEKALB), Syngenta, Limagrain and others, as well as the official distributor of the German company Bayer in Ukraine.


«We have been cooperating with GrainTrack for a year now. Time passes very quickly, but we have achieved a lot during this period and now I can say for sure that we have received much more than we planned before start working together.»
— Olena Humeniuk, FEA Manager
LNZ Group


Integration purposes:

«At the beginning of the integration we pursued certain goals. First of all it were:

  • automation of the main processes of the company,
  • maintaining a trading position,
  • accounting for the performance of contracts
  • simplification of work with transport registers,
  • distribution of reporting between areas of implementation
  • MTM.

What was done:

At the start, we clearly set priorities and immediately started working. The GrainTrack team supported us all the time. We were constantly in touch, they gave us as much time as we needed, almost 24/7. They tried to help us in everything and take into account all our requirements in a timely manner. A lot of trainings and common meetings were held. At our request, many features were made fairly quickly. In general, I would like to note that the team approached very professionally. During this time, together we have brought all our processes almost to perfection. And then the war began…

We are currently trying to reformat our business. The entire supply chain is redirected to other borders and different border crossings. Everything has changed dramatically. But I can say that thanks to GrainTrack we now have the main thing – data consolidation in one system. All our employees fully work remotely thanks to the system. Management, traders, financiers, executors always have up-to-date information at hand.

We did not even imagine that this could happen to us, that war could come to our country, but now we know for sure that everything is not in vain. Every minute of our joint efforts was spent to enable us to work today in the conditions in which almost all of Ukraine’s business found itself.»