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About Graintrack

Graintrack – is a web-based CTRM-system for grain trading companies to manage counterparties, contracts, supply chain, logistics, payments and vessels.



We resolve three painful problems of graintraders :


  • Lack of complete picture of finance and trade situation at the moment: lots of contracts, vessels, payments at the same time.
  • Difficult and untimely financial forecasting
  • Financial and timing costs on communication, discussions, meetings and accounting by managers and employees



GrainTrack outputs:


  • Consolidated information about all counterparties
  • Statistics of trade operations by each crop
  • Finance result by each contract
  • Trade position and cash flows
  • Operational accounting and management
  • Stuff control


This is an independent system, which you can use together with your current accounting system. This is a good approach either for data checking or for dividing tax accounting from real and forecast accounting.


How does it work?

Starts from entering or importing (from Excel, or other format) data about contracts, vessels, payments and documents by employees.




In output, Graintrack collects, processes, consolidates and tracks data, which is available for management to see from any device across the world



Who will use Graintrack?

Departments of company that will work with the program
Trade and Purchase
Trade and Purchase
Supply chain from purchasing on Farm till CIF sale. Trade position formation. Current situation by contracts. Statistics of deals and results.
Convenient tracking and management of own contracts and vessels. Notifications about troubles and possible problems while executing contracts. Instant sharing of information, stuff substitutions.
Operational control on contract execution. Forecasting of finance results. Each contract analysis: mistakes and success.
Control all costs and profits by contracts. Control payments: how much it left to receive, to pay. Cash flows management and finance result analysis.

Video review
What is GrainTrack and how to use it?
Main blocks of GrainTrack
  • CRM. Counterparties database, relations with suppliers/buyers, tasks delegation and execution, newsletters and contracts printing
  • Contracts. Deals planning and validation. Supply chain management. Final result
  • Logistics. Wagons and cars registry, shipment plan, freight and transportation rates by forwarders
  • Invoices. Issuing and control. Payments registry. Cash flow forecasting
  • Reports. Position, financial result, cash flow, employees' activity, debts and gains, balance, daily and other reports


We have large-scale and aggressive development goals, we see ourselves as an international trader, developing in the direction of new trading instruments that give some flexibility in commodity trading. With GrainTrack it is possible
Ivan Cherevko, CEO Cardiff Trading

The program allows to quickly process the data due to automatic systematization and to have the information in front of the people who make the decisions - literally "online" - for the moment. I recommend it ror operational management!
Elena Galichenko, purchase manager “VVT Group”

The program assists in the work, linking documents, logistics, trade, finance. Under a condition of proper teamwork and adding data in time by each of the departments (logistics, trades, etc.), all the necessary information, including financial results from one operation to the total activity in any period of time, displays in on-line mode. Very useful and convenient for decision-making.
Pavel Pestunov, CEO Tauris CA

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