erp for grain traders

ERP for Finance

Invoices, payments, costs and gains by contracts.

Account payables and receivables with ageing.

Cash flow, Balance and P&L with forecast.

– and even more finance team and CFO can get from GrainTrack

Check out the how ERP for finance of commodity companies can save finance team and CFO 30-60% of time.


  • Once you have an execution in the system you can automatically make invoices based on bills of lading or vehicles.
  • No more mistakes in invoices.
  • Cargo and costs, incoming and outgoing.
  • GrainTrack will generate invoice and its PDF form with a possibility to send it to a customer with a full package of documents.  

erp for commodity traders



  • System automatically calculates operational PNL by each deal. 
  • When we match sale and purchase together, we can estimate preliminary financial result, based on contract prices and projected costs. 
  • Then after we got the execution figures, the execution PNL will appear automatically, as well, as the PNL when we will have invoices. 
  • So you will have a possibility to track all discrepancies deal by deal and make a consolidated report.

erp for commodity traders



  • After feeding cargo and costs invoices to the system we can build AP & AR report, cash flow report.
  • Regarding AP & AR, now it is very easy to understand how much and who owes you and vice versa.
  • Moreover, we have automated ageing calculation, so you will see the structure of debts.

erp for commodity traders



  • We have double entry which can be automated.
  • Each time, when execution team makes an invoice, certain financial accounts will be filled based on set up behaviour in the system
  • Which will save much time for an accountant.
  • The outcome will be reflected in Balance and P&L reports.


erp for commodity traders



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