erp for grain traders

ERP for Traders

Sales & purchases management.
Physical & derivatives position.
Fixing & hedging.
Automated creation of business confirmation.

Email integration

– and even more can traders get from GrainTrack

Check out the how ERP for traders of commodity companies can save traders 30-60% of time.


  • Each new deal can be pre-calculated and entered via mobile app. 
  • Then everyone involved will receive notification on email/messenger with the details of the deal.
  • If it is accepted, trade team can instantly print business confirmation and send it via email.
  • Then the execution team will make a contract and print it in docx or pdf.

How it works?

  1. Creating trade ticket via App
  2. Approving deal inside a team
  3. Creating business confirmation on email
  4. Approved ticket will appear in the system, signalling the execution
  5. In two clicks execution will print the contract

crm for commodity traders



  • System will automatically calculate both physical and derivatives position. 
  • Moreover, each operation that has open quantity will be automatically evaluated by the recent market quotation.

crm for commodity traders



  • If you have contracts with premium prices – GT will calculate everything for you. 
  •  All you have to do, is to enter the contract, link it to derivative and then the system will automatically calculate flat price, based on market and partial fixings you might perform by this contract. And rolling is considered, as well. 
  •  Also each contract can be hedged and you will see your MTM position both from physical perspective and futures perspective.


crm for commodity traders


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