erp for grain traders


№1 Data consolidation in the one system

  ·        Counterparty database (CRM)

·         Trade-tickets and contracts

·         Cars, wagons, containers, vessels, warehouse documents, bill of landings

·         Invoices and payments

·         Documents (pdf, docx, xls, png)


All this information is available in one system 24/7  from any device. Finding the information you need now takes a few seconds.

№2 Compliance

·        Integration with YouControl to get all counterpaties’ data (available for Ukraine)

·         Step-by-step  procedure for buyers’/suppliers’ approval

·         Cloud storage of clients’ documents and checking them according to the checklist

·         Setting and tracking limits for counterparties

·         KPIs of employees responsible for approval


№3 Counterparties management

· Updates: date, time and result of calls, emails, meetings with the counterparty

·         Planning the manager’s actions and building the process of cooperation with the counterparty

·         Setting tasks for employees and monitoring their implementation

·         Potentials – information about the sown area, cultivated crops, the ability to form a list for calling all suppliers of the required crop.


№4.1 Planning the deal. Calculator

Price calculation at the place of delivery based on tariffs (transportation, transloading, etc)


№4.2 Planning the deal. Ticket

Trade tickets creation via the application + deal approval procedure (the ability to indicate costs and quality)


№4.3 Planning the deal. Preparing a contract and tracking its signing

·        Automatic generation of a contract number and a document of a contract, taking into account conditions of approved trade ticket, bank details = ready for printing and signing.

·         Signing contracts + KPIs for signing for responsible employees

·         Tracking changes in the main parameters of the transaction, accounting and creation of documents of additional agreements ready for printing and signing


№5 Matching contracts in passports

·        Matching purchase with a sale and linking them together in the passport deal in any configuration: 1 purchase for 1 sale, 5 purchases for 2 sales, etc.

·         Automatic calculation of a financial result and margin for each passport at all stages of a deal: tickets, contracts, execution, invoices, payments.



№6 Contracts execution (cargo)

·         Accounting of shipping and unloading registers (import from Excel, the system matches volumes and transport with contracts).

·         Transload from car to railway/container.

·         Shipment from a warehouse/terminal, balances in warehouses, movement through warehouses.

·         Attachment certificates and other transport documents to vehicles

·         Automatic mailing of the register to counterparties with documents in an email.

·         Execution status: fixing the open balance of the contract and commitments.


№7 Contract invoicing and payments

·         Issuing outgoing invoices, accounting incoming invoices and checking the correctness of invoices for cargo and costs.

·         Creation of an invoice document, register, etc. (ready-made document for printing, signing, sending)

·         Planning and approval of payments according to the internal process.

·         Creation of payment orders for the bank.

·         Mailing invoices, as well as reminders of unpaid invoices to counterparties.

№8 Analytics

Quantitative analytics and charts by counterparties, by contracts, by execution/logistics, by invoices/payments

№9 Reports

·        The ability to create your own reports on filters and data grouping (invoices, logistics, contracts)

·         Trading reports: Position and MTM, Contract execution, Line-up

·         Financial reports: Debit-credit, Cash Flow, PNL

·         Management reports: team report, users activity, KPI, Purchase plan, Barter deals

№10 Push-notifications about real-time events

·         Flexible configuration of notifications for each user (mail, telegrams, system): the creation of contracts, deadlines for execution, the need to approve a deal, boat approaches, and so on.

·         It helps to stay in touch with the team and be aware of important events in business while requiring minimal involvement in the process – only to receive notifications.


№ 11 Flexible settings for every company

·         The ability to fill in and view data in the context of different company units (departments, countries, com combining them into a single reporting.

·         Organization settings, depending on the country and type of business: parsing rate/currency, tax rate, generation of contract numbers, etc.

·         Personal settings for each user – the formation of their own interface for working with the system.

·         Integration with existing systems (CRM, 1C) for fast and automatic data exchange and minimization of double-entry of information.

№12 Actions control

·        Permissions settings for each employee for each system block, as well as for each table, each field and each action.

·        History of changes of each object by each user


№13 Financial block

·         Semi-automatic accounting transactions

·         Moving between accounts, account balances

·         Bank statement allotment — payments accounting

·         Balance and PNL

№14 Data Synchronization and Web Cabinets

·         Exchanging  the registry, invoices between GrainTrack clients

·         The ability to provide access to certain data for conterpaties: contracts, logistics, documents.