Grain supply chain management software for the Canadian market

A prominent feature of the Canadian grain market is a complex grain supply chain. Before goods are sent for export by sea, they pass a long way: from the field to the farm elevator, then from the farm to the linear elevator, from where by rail in hopper cars they go to the port elevators, where they are loaded onto the ship.

The average distance of the transport “shoulder” for grain in Canada is 1,500 km (for example, in the USA this figure is 765 km, and in Australia and Brazil it is only 200 km.) According to the Quorum Corporation estimates, Canadian grain spends more than 1 month in the logistics chain.

GrainTrack allows grain market operators to keep tight control over their stocks and be flexible in the management of their supply.

There is also a possibility to keep records of the intermediate transshipment of goods from the transport, which arrives from the supply location (mainly – by grain trucks)  to the container wagons which subsequently transfer grain to export. We have implemented this case specifically for one of our clients – a Canadian grain exporter.

The system accumulates all information and allows you to see the full picture: which truck is loading into which container, how much is left to load from each grain truck and for each reloading complex for each cargo.

Thanks to this, the finance department sees which volume is ready for invoicing and can immediately print the invoice and send it to the client.

Thus, based on the data from the system, you can see the movement of goods, current balance and avoid delay in payments for shipped goods and logistics services.

In addition to the execution section, GrainTrack has an accounting block that shows all transactions, account balances and generates Balance sheet and P&L reports.