GrainTrack is trusted by grain market leaders in Kazakhstan

GrainTrack helps simplify and automate many processes in large agricultural holdings specializing in grain production and sales.

A good example is our case for one of Kazakhstan’s grain market leaders – a large agricultural producer and international trader.


The firm is one of the top 100 companies of Kazakhstan, its total crop area amounts to more than 270 thousand hectares, and it is a recognized market leader in digitalization and automation of processes.


Client profile:

The client is an agricultural producer: farms grow grain, then this grain is sold to their resident and later this resident sells to the end buyer.

This is an agricultural holding, they have their own internal policy for selling goods and concluding deals.

In order to negotiate a sales contract, this contract goes through the approval of various departments:

  • purchasing department;
  • logisticians;
  • head of sales;
  • head of trading;
  • board of management.


Before GrainTrack was implemented, this coordination took a long time, which disrupted the timeliness of decision-making.

Why the customer needed GrainTrack:

Automating transaction approvals was the number 1 integration goal. This process is now fully covered with GrainTrack.

In addition, there was a request to automate the document process, as paperwork was taking up a lot of time and effort.

They also wanted to improve transparency and timeliness in providing information on sales transactions.


What GrainTrack gave the customer:

  • automatisation of the transaction approval process;
  • generation of document templates;
  • quick accounting of deal execution.

Confidence of such large companies in GrainTrack speaks for itself. Our program is a reliable tool for operational management in grain trading, and we look forward to working with new customers.