GrainTrack Roadmap 2024

On this page, you will find information about our product plans. This is the plan that we have agreed upon and passed to our development department, with a separate team dedicated to its implementation, without being distracted by minor or current tasks.

I quarter

✅ Logistics import

This functionality allows for more efficient importing of logistics into the system.

Now, duplication can be avoided by being able to select which transportation means to update and which ones to create anew directly through the import interface.

🔄 Contract positions

A substantial piece of functionality aimed at standardizing indicators, tickets, and contracts, foreseeing the existence of complex agreements with clients.

Currently, within the system, to create a contract with multiple items (for example, Wheat and Corn), it’s necessary to create several contracts and then merge them into a so-called Multi-contract. Consequently, tracking the execution, documents, and the chain from indicator to ticket was challenging.

We are adopting a similar approach to how invoices work. There is an invoice, and there can be any number of invoice items already capturing specific agreements on price, volume, etc. In the case of contracts, these will be contract items.

This will standardize the entire process from potential, indicator, ticket to contract. It will also allow the manipulation of contract items at the passport level and linking specific contract items between purchase and sale sides.

Moreover, it will elevate the functionality of multiple prices to a new level.

Depending on the existing contract items, users will be able to see accurate data/valuations in the Position report and input execution objects only for main items.

🔄 Warehouse

Another very significant and incredibly important functionality that will expand the capabilities of the system regarding inventory management. Currently, inventory balances are calculated based on execution objects, and users can only see summary quantities of goods.

Users cannot see how much inventory remains for specific procurement contracts/counterparties in order to transfer it to passports. The cost of inventory on hand is not calculated, so it cannot be taken into account in the PNL (Profit and Loss) statement for execution passports.

Modernizing the warehouse will address these issues.

We are adding the ability to manage inventory balances and costs, taking into account different methods such as FIFO (First In, First Out), thereby making the handling of passports, balances, and positions much simpler.

🔄 Mobile app

The present demands modern solutions. We have engaged a professional UI/UX designer with whom we have developed a new version of the mobile application, allowing access to the system 24/7 from any device, conveniently viewing any information, and searching and reviewing necessary counterparties, contracts, and invoices directly from the phone.

As a first step, we will enable the creation of trade tickets (via positions with various price options) and approvals. This application is the first step towards a grand redesign of our system. In subsequent releases, we will add functionality for other blocks of the system.

II quarter

Main system redesign

Accordingly, laying the foundation for a design change, we will be able to migrate the visual components of the system to the new interface. This is important for several reasons:

  1. New design means new technologies that we will be using. Current technologies have been in place since 2015, and since then, much has changed. It’s time to keep up with modernity. New approaches will minimize the number of system bugs and failures, making it unified and consistent across all areas.
  2. We conducted user surveys not just to redesign the design but to make it easier to use the system. You can expect many pleasant surprises and improvements, but for now, let’s unveil one of them – now all tables can be edited like in Excel, without the need to “dive” somewhere, open windows, and so on.

Mutual Settlement of Funds

This functionality will allow for the mutual settlement between multiple invoices, which is currently not available in the system. You will have the ability to select the number of invoices between which mutual settlement is required. This action will be recorded in the system, and you will always be able to “tie up loose ends.” Moreover, you can rest assured that we will take these payments into account in the Profit and Loss statement appropriately, so everything will be in order financially.

Direct expenses

We will expand the functionality of direct costs, which are accounted for in the cost of goods. You will be able to link service contracts to expenses and have analytics. Additionally, we plan to address the issue of final separation of Direct and Fixed costs.


As you know, Graintrack has integration with Telegram and the ability to create a bot for interaction with your suppliers. We want to go further and provide the ability to create separate Web portals for your counterparts, where they can view the status of each invoice, contract, payment, as well as review document status and upload transportation assets.

Additionally, with this task, we will regulate the permissions of users who work outside of the client’s staff but need access to certain data in the system.

PNL and Budgeting

Finally, we will refine the large Financial Results block.

We want to consolidate different P&L (Profit and Loss) reports into one – physical and derivative – to form a single P&L for the company, with functionality for month-to-month, year-to-year, and line-item comparisons. Additionally, there will be the ability to compare Analytical P&L with Actual.

Moreover, in addition to what is already there, Budgets will be introduced, along with the ability to generate Plans for specific items, to then compare them with the current P&L.

III quarter


We want to enhance our CRM system to include the ability to assign tasks, track their completion, generate analytics, and record potential leads for counterparties. Additionally, we aim to integrate IP telephony for recording conversations with counterparties.

Whatsapp integration

We want to implement similar functionality to Bots and Channels, but for WhatsApp, as a significant portion of foreign companies operate in this messenger.


We will be working on integrating electronic digital signatures (EDS) into our system to enable the authorization and signing of documents directly from Graintrack!

IV quarter

Currency hedging

The ability to conduct currency hedging by purchasing different pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and so forth will be implemented. Additionally, we need to ensure that it is seamlessly integrated into our P&L (Profit and Loss) reports.

Dashboard + Red flags report

The ability to customize the start page according to your preferences, selecting from the system blocks that are most useful and informative to you, will be provided.

Additionally, we want to create a so-called “Red Flags Report.” The main idea of this report is that it works in reverse. Instead of showing what is happening in your system, as other reports do, it shows what shouldn’t be happening.

This will include various datasets, such as overdue invoices, contracts that could have been invoiced but weren’t, and so on. Consequently, from these datasets, you will be able to create a Dashboard for yourself so that upon logging into the system or activating the mobile application, you immediately see what’s wrong and what needs attention.

Mail and Calendar integration

Firstly, this includes the ability to send attachments along with emails (such as business confirmations, contracts, or invoices).

Secondly, it involves a full-fledged mailbox directly within Graintrack, with the ability to organize each email into the appropriate category – linking it to invoices, contracts, passports, or boats. Additionally, the system will automatically identify and place them in the correct locations, allowing you to control and quickly find all correspondence related to any topic.


We aim to integrate artificial intelligence into Graintrack, making it your assistant. There can be numerous use cases, including document draft verification, text proofreading, letter composition, data auto-filling, and more.