How much time does it take to integrate GrainTrack

GrainTrack is an independent system, which you can use alongside with you current accountanting or ERP system.

This is convenient as for data check, as for dividing accounting and management.

Integration is made in few steps:

1) You fill out the Integration form, which will help us to customize the system for your company.
2) We fill GrainTrack with your custom data: crops, qualities, email and docs templates
3) We will show and educate how to use the program for each of your departments
4) You begin to enter your own information. You can easily import your database of counterparties Greyntrek or export data from our program into formats that can be read by the accounting software.
5) We are finalizing or change functionality, if it is necessary, to perfectly fit your needs.
6) After this step, the integration process is completed. Typically, the duration of all cycle takes from several days to several months, depending on the company size and complexity of the business processes.