erp for grain traders

Making sure you’ve got every detail right

What do traders and brokers do every day more often than looking at quotes? That’s right, they send emails. Endless emails back and forth.


If you are a broker, things are even more complicated: you receive an email from a counterparty, you have to redirect it to another one, copy all the attachments, change the subject, tick somewhere that work is done.


If you are a trader or an execution manager, you have to make sure that:

  • business confirmation has been sent,
  • everyone is notified in time for shipment,
  • the signed contract has been sent,
  • the invoice has been invoiced and coordinated with the bank,
  • the boat started unloading
  • and so on.


In addition to controlling this, it also needs to be typed, inserting the correct contract number, and uploading documents from the correct folder.


All of this leads to errors.


That’s what we thought too, and we decided to make life a little easier for everyone.

  1. What if for every contract you have a prepared list of documents, letters and actions you need to do to successfully complete it?
  2. What if this list is filled automatically, depending on the actions in the system?
  3. What if you get reminders that something needs to be done right today?
  4. What if the email no longer needs to be retyped every time, you don’t have to select the right documents and look closely at the written contract number?


I think in that case you’d have time to do something else, well, or at the very least handle more contracts.


Graintrack Update brings you:

  • Checklist of documents/letters/actions;
  • Generating letters automatically;
  • Reminders;
  • Bulk mailing.


How does it work?

Every contract, once created, is automatically assigned a checklist of documents, letters and actions, based on the delivery basis. These can be flexibly changed.


When we load documents into a contract, or send a letter, we associate that with the list. If any of the actions you missed, the system will send you a reminder.



Next are the emails themselves. Any email can be generated from the system, which will put all the values (the name of the counterparty, details, contract parameters, etc.) and send this letter from your mail, where you can always find it.



And lastly, the bulk mailing. We will write a separate article on this subject, but in brief, now you can send emails to many contractors at once. These emails will be adapted to each one, and will also contain all the relevant documents. This way you can send out logistics registers, a register of unpaid invoices and other reminders.



Stay tuned!