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Podcasts – Grain Live

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GrainTrack launches podcasts – GrainLive in a partnership with the biggest agri media in CIS: Latifundist

podcasts grain live


All episodes will be published  on Youtube channel.

As well as on the Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts and this page:

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #1. Oleksandr Solovey

The hero of the first episode of GrainLive was Alexander Solovey, a trader with 15 years of experience, CEO of Spike Trade Group and a man who swam across the Bosphorus.

How to stay afloat in the changing sea of grain trading? What budget is needed for a successful start, and is it worth it for beginners to start without a special background and knowledge? How to increase the turnover of funds in grain trading, and why not every producer can become a successful trader?

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #2. Walenty Sielwiesiuk

The hero of the second episode was the CEO of MGT Black Sea — a pro in grain trading with almost 30 years of experience and a diploma in art history — Walenty Sielwiesiuk. He will tell you why trust is the basis of trading, and selling a product does not mean making money. How to build a business in an environment where there are many hierarchical approaches to management in the Ukrainian grain trade, and state bureaucracy is hindering digitalization?

Why don’t trading platforms take root in Ukraine? How is the grain market analyzed in Egypt with the help of chickens, and in Ukraine – with the help of the Kyiv-Odessa highway? How to increase the transparency of grain export from ports? And why should we not expect high prices for wheat and corn before the new harvest?

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #3. Jesper Pedersen

The hero of the third episode is Jesper Pedersen, CEO of the Neptune grain terminal, who went from manager to project manager in the field of grain logistics and shipbuilding. He has an impressive background in international companies Maersk, Fesco, CMA CGM Group and others.

How different is the work of a grain terminal in Ukraine and in the world? Why didn’t the quarantine reduce the efficiency of the Neptune grain terminal? When should we expect the construction of new grain terminals in Ukraine? Why are the problems of railway infrastructure development in Ukraine hindering the development of grain terminals?

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #4. Bogdan Kostetskiy

This time Bogdan Kostetskiy, ex-commercial director of the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine, is visiting Dmitry Mykhalchuk.

Why did he decide to leave the GTSC and what brought him back into the grain business? What grain prices does the expert predict, what is the main rule in trading, and what will the failure of forward contracts lead to?

And also why does a businessman need a weapon and why did a well-known agrobiker decide to change an iron horse for a regular bike? About that and not only in the new episode of Grain Live.

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #5. Alisher Tyazhin

A new guest of the Grain Live podcast is the head of Kusto Agro, Alisher Tyazhin. At one time, he was not afraid to radically change not only his profession, but also his country of residence. Why did the former oilman go headlong into agribusiness and how did he get to the position of general director of a large enterprise?

How much more interesting is agribusiness than other industries, what rules should be followed in work, what should be sacrificed in order to achieve success?

The host of the podcast and CEO of GrainTrack, Dmitry Mykhalchuk, will ask completely different questions “what for” and “why”, and will reveal the guest in the next issue of Grain Live.

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #6. Dmitry Minov

The Grain Live video podcast is back! This time Dmitriy Minov, General Director of Risoil Ukraine, is visiting Dmitry Mykhalchuk.

Today we are talking about the margin of traders and what farmers think about it. Where to take people into grain trading and weed out those who wipe their pants? Where are the prices for vegetable oils going and what mountain does Minov dream of climbing? And also why the port of Kherson is the heaviest asset of Risoil and why the company invests in land. About this and more in the new issue of Grain Live.

Grain Live podcasts. Episode #7. Kate Konashchuk

There is a short break between the 6th and 7th issue. But enough bad jokes – we present our guest. This time Kateryna Konashchuk, founder and partner of Trend & Hedge Club, came to Dmytro Mykhalchuk’s podcast. Or, as many traders call it, a hedge club. Today we are talking about how the idea of ​​the club for grain traders was born and whether the market is ready to pay for participation in the party, where to look for staff in the trade and how not to turn from a cool trader into illiquid. And you will learn about the three “K” for any agricultural holding and the reasons why there is no deep processing of corn in Ukraine.