Use case – ALFA Smart Agro

Company Profile

ALFA Smart Agro is a leading manufacturer of crop protection products and microfertilizers. The company fully meets the requirements of a modern European company in terms of product quality and intelligent approach to agronomy.



Andrey Ryzhenko, head of ALFA Smart Agro’s agricultural products trading department.


We have been using GrainTrack since January 2018, since the first days of opening the trading department at ALFA Smart Agro. At first we had to go through training, but now the program saves a lot of time and effort.

The GrainTrack support department has helped us to customize the system to our needs and always helps us with any questions that arise during use.

The system serves as a single base of information for every transaction. If our employee needs to find any information, it’s very convenient and easy to do.

The advantages of working with GrainTrack:

– Because of the “Passport” on purchasing and sales contacts, it is very convenient to keep track of the movement of shipments;

– The “Payments” section, which displays how much money is in turnover at a particular moment, how much was spent, and how much was received, makes it convenient to plan a report;

– The “Statistics” section makes it easy to upload data. There is an opportunity to review generalized information in the context of sales and purchases, crops and counterparties. It is very convenient when forming annual reports.