Use case – Epicentr

Company profile

A group of companies that combines a network of building and economic hypermarkets and agricultural business.

Land Bank – 111 thousand hectares

It will no longer be a secret that Epicenter K is a group of companies that brings together not only a chain of trade centers, but also actively involved in the development of the agricultural sector. #Epicenter_Agro Ukraine saw in 2015 and then, together with the increase in production, trade turnover, increase in land bank, as well as the development and construction of its elevators and granaries for storage of own grain and grain of third-party landlords, there was a question with the choice of accounting system that optimized the work of the trading department and the holding in general.

Oleksandra Primha, professor of financial and economic security of the Trading Department of Advocacy Company «Epicenter K».


“We have been working with GrainTrack for over a year now. Previously, management, financial accounting, logistics were carried out in Exсel. Keeping of bulky port registers, processing of large volumes of information, accounting and formulation of payments by our small but purposeful team of the department took a lot of effort and time. The human factor did not exclude the possibility of errors in the work.

At the beginning there was not much confidence in the new product, but after working with GrainTrack for a while all doubts were gone.

The project team is always ready to grow together, change and customize the product depending on the user’s needs. Today we have fully customized the system to the individual needs of our team, and we don’t stop at this point.


Benefits of GrainTrack:

  • Maintenance of registries by contracts with accumulative summation. Quick capture of relevant information simplifies work when preparing reports for management;
  • Improved and enhanced work with logistics previously, each piece of equipment was entered more or less in manual (Customs and logicians understand me) now the program automatically lists all specification, eliminating the possibility of errors in the numbers of wagons, B/L and waybills.
  • The work with contracts and logistics has been considerably simplified in the “finance” block. There are always available jointly developed document templates considered the needs of our exporters of the group companies Epicenter Agro and international partners-purchasers.

Now it is possible to automatically generate invoices and other primary documentation necessary to support transactions by the trading department.


GrainTrack simplified grain accounting in our company and allowed us to optimize time and direct it to more important tasks aimed at developing agribusiness”.


Invoicing: one commission of 15-50 dollars for each additional payment.

It was:

  • There was no correct registration of export contracts


  • Inbound and outbound invoices are generated individually due to the option of cashless display of unpaid vehicles, which reduces the amounts of commissions for less number of invoices for export contracts.

Delivery Registers: saves up to 30-40% time

It was:

  • Record of loading / unloading registers was kept manually in Excel.


  • Automated maintenance of freight/vantage registers.
  • Imposing of quantities using GrainTrack eliminates the possibility of errors due to automated search for compliance with the waybills of the vehicle.
  • Easy monitoring of unloaded vehicles, percentage of losses, etc.
  • Automatic creation of registries for external contracts for mailings according to the required templates.

Customs clearance: up to 50-60% time saving

It was:

  • Manual generation of register for external customers


  • The GrainTrack accumulation register can generate balances for each export contract per terminal, which helps prevent errors and paperwork for incorrect export contracts and thus, currency control violations and penalties.

On average, 1 hour of working time was spent on one report, now 0

It was:

  • Excel reporting with manual calculation of data


  • Automated generation of reports on execution of contracts by crops / counterparties, etc.
  • The ability to work remotely and get the necessary data in a few minutes at any time.