Use case – Management accounting automation for Omni Partners (Kazakhstan)

Company profile

Omni Partners is a service company providing financial, accounting and IT infrastructure services to a number of legal entities in Kazakhstan. The number of clients serviced by the company – more than 20 legal entities, about 500 employees, more than 6 thousand counterparties. The main activities of the enterprises, which are the clients of Omni Partners LLP, are the production, storage and sale of grain and oilseeds.

The aim of the project implementation:

To optimize the management accounting for grain trading, to organize its maintenance in a unified system

Through the implementation of the system the company will be able to:

  • quickly generate warehouse balances;
  • for each transaction to reflect the cost and form the financial result of the transaction;
  • analyze the performance of the transaction at various stages: plan / shipment / payment;
  • analyze accounts receivable and payable;
  • keep a unified database of counterparties;
  • maintain information in the context of multiple companies simultaneously, and analyze the activities of both the consolidated and separate companies.

What improvements have been made for the company:

  • A new functionality was developed and implemented – the plan of shipments, which increases the efficiency of contract fulfillment.


Today the GrainTrack system is used by 29 employees of Omni Partners, and the company has processed about 2,000 documents in the system during the yea