Use case – UGTC

Company Profile


We are exporters of Ukrainian grain and have been working for 11 years on the market of Ukraine and the world. We export grain to more than 20 countries, continents: Australia, Europe and America.


Maria Starchenko, economist-analyst of “Ukrainian Grain Trading Company” LLC


Our company has changed a lot of accounting systems for a long time. For the last two years we have been using CTRM-system GrainTrack.


This system allowed us to:


– significantly improve the efficiency of internal business process management;

– structure huge amounts of information that is associated with the activities of our company;

– made it possible to manage the components of the transaction – the preparation and conclusion of the contract, logistics, financial operations, etc.

– made it possible to analyze the deal at the final stage.


The system has a very user-friendly interface. It was possible to improve the system according to the specifics of the business.



There is access to different tabs of the system at the same time. This saves a lot of time during intensive work.


The GrainTrack CTRM system has speeded up the accounting process and added new features. But, there’s no limit to perfection!